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Dr. Daniel Gruner 
Daniel Gruner, Associate Professor

Alex Forde
Alex Forde, PhD Candidate (BEES)


Mayda Nathan

Mayda Nathan, PhD Candidate (Entomology)

I am interested in the causes of species range limits and the ways in which interspecific interactions - especially plant-insect interactions - influence species distributions. My research currently focuses on the roles that mutualists and herbivores play in the range expansion of the black mangrove, Avicennia germinans.



Cora Johnston

Cora Ann Johnston, PhD Candidate (BISI-BEES)

My research evaluates how resource landscapes affect community formation and subsequent interactions, particularly regarding shifts in resource availability or use due to environmental change and organismal development. I am currently focusing on how shifting wetland ecosystems are affecting assembly and interactions between crab species along the tropical-temperate divide.

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Elske Tielens, PhD Candidate (BISI-BEES)



Madhvi Venkatraman, PhD Candidate (BISI-BEES)



Jake Bodart (B.S., Biological Sciences: Ecology and Evolution): Research Assistant

G. Bradley Reahl, major in Biological Sciences: General Biology

Sze Wing Yu, major in Environmental Science and Policy



Dr. Erin Wilson Rankin (postdoc 2011-2013): Assistant Professor of Entomology, UC Riverside

Dr. Brian Thompson (PhD Entomology 2013): Postdoc, Western Triangle Ag Research Center, Montana State University

Dr. Danny Lewis (PhD Entomology 2009): Assistant Research Professor of Biology, Georgetown University

Dr. Rachel Pearson (PhD Entomology 2009): Entomologist, U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

Richard R Lewis, Lab manager 2008-2011

Sarah Davies (B.S., Biological Sciences 2013): Technician, National Institutes of Health

Irene Xue (B.S., Biological Sciences 2013)

John Deignan (major in Biological Sciences: Ecology and Evolution)

Camilo Vanegas (B.S., Kinisieology 2012)

Heather Eversole (B.S., Ecology and Evolutionary Biology 2011): Faculty Research Assistant, Bee Informed Partnership, University of Maryland

Allison Salas (B.S., Biological Sciences 2011): world traveler, intern on many science projects in Alaska, Hawaii, Florida, etc.

Danielle Marshall (B.S., Biological Sciences 2011)

Elmer Haapala (B.S., Biological Sciences: Microbiology 2010): Assistant Scientist, MRIGlobal